Wrecked by Grace

I love the idea of Grace! I don’t always understand it, but I love the fact that it exist and it is something that God has extended to us. I can remember a story when I was younger, as we were moving back from Virginia. We had finally arrived at our new home, and my brother and I were in the back of our U-Haul. My Mom, who trusted my brother and me, asked us to hold up the mirror that was sitting on top of their dresser. We were almost finished, and all me and my brother had to do was hold up that mirror until my parents came back to move it. Now, keep in mind that were eight and ten years old, and we were brothers. So as we stood there, clearly bored from the day, we started to challenge each other in regards to who was stronger.
So, as we stand in the back of this U-Haul, we start to name ways in which we could out due each other. Eventually we reached a point where it was all talk, and I decided it was time to prove to my brother just how strong I was. So, without missing a beat, I told him that we could let go of this mirror and I would catch it before it hit the ground. Needless to say, if I believed that breaking a mirror would bring about seven years of bad luck, I would be cursed well into my late nineties. As we stood there, all we could do was watch the mirror fall as it crashed into the bed of the truck. We were both terrified and just waiting until someone came out and found what we had done. It was at this point, that my mom, walked up the ramp into the truck and what she did next was beyond belief.
In a moment, which seemed like forever, my mom ran to us and made sure we were okay. She wanted to make sure that we weren’t injured, and then the mirror caught her attention. As we waited to see what would happen, all she could do was laugh and it was at that moment that I feel I really understood the idea of grace. Instead of getting the punishment that we rightfully deserved, my mom hugged us and simply said “I am glad you both are okay, the mirror can always be replaced.” It was an amazing moment, and for two scared little boys, it was the greatest moment of the entire move.
As I look throughout my life, and especially my relationship with God, I am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of grace he has shown me. I have messed up, I have hurt people, I have lied and most of all I have chosen to run away from what he wanted me to do. Like a scared child, I have always been fearful of the consequences of coming back into his presence. Will he still love me? Will he forgive me this time? Have I finally gone too far? Yet, I am overwhelmed, every single time, by the fact that he still loves me. He is willing to look over my failures, and I am confident he laughs at times, and simply shows me love and mercy. In my opinion, this is exactly why grace wrecks me. It really does mess me up, in a good way of course, because I don’t always expect it. It forces me to realize that I am deeply loved and cherished by an incredible God! Grace is beautiful, grace is powerful, and grace changes everything!
May you walk in His grace forever!

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